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How to Generate Instagram Access Token to Show Feed

To show the instagram feed to our site, we need Instragran API Aceess Token. But it is not easy process to generate the access token. It is some complex process.

I will show you how to generate the access token from your site. You just need to follow the process to get the access token.

1. Step one: Registration the application

Firstly, go to the developers page of instagram: https://www.instagram.com/developer/
You will see “Register your application button” and just click on that to go to next step

Registration of application

You will get Manage Clients page then click on Register a New Client button


2. Step two: Register a New Client ID

Now you will get a form where you need to fill up the form to register a new client ID. After completing the form fill up, then click on register button.

The most important part here is Valid redirect URLs. It must be valid url.

After registering, you will get this type of client info box.

Then click on manage, to edit more information.


3. Step three: Disable implicit OAuth

Now you will get edit client page. Click on Security and you will see Disable implicit OAuth is enabled. You have to uncheck the checkbox to disable Enable implicit OAuth and update the client

Ensure that Sandbox is also Admin


4. Step four: Generating API Access Token

Now it is time to generate API Access Token. Go to the url and replace your generated client ID.

Copy your generated Client ID code like this

Go to the URL and replace client id with your client id that you created.


Don’t forget to replace the client id and Redirect URL with your generated client id and provided redirect url at the time of registration.


5. Step five: Authorize to Generate the Code

Now authorize to generate the access code.

Hurray!! my instagram api code is generated. Now your API Access Token is ready to use.

That’s it. Have a fun!

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