News and Magazine Ghost Blog Theme

General Feature
  • Membership Tiers
  • Dark, Light and Auto color scheme
  • Ghost v5.x supported
  • Native search and comment
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  • DocumentationNewsportal Docs
  • Current Versionv3.4.0
  • Last Updated24 October 2022
  • CompatibilityGhost v5.x
  • Ratings5.0(30)
Newsportal - News and Magazine Ghost Blog Theme

Category Preferred News Styles Design

If you feel free to make your blog site looks like a news site or you prefer to make your news site, Newsportal is a great solution for you. It provides category based news or content for you so you can show it in various sections.

Dark Light Variations

Newsportal supports dark and light mode for users. Anyone can choose either light mode or dark mode for the default system. We are showing dark mode first. 

Newsportal - light mode
Newsportal - dark mode

Membership & Subscription

Do you want to make money by writing articles? Newsportal is the best solution for making money with membership and subscriptions. Your first visitor can be your first member to build a profitable business.

Newsportal - subscription

Account Settings

When you are already a member of the site, you can easily manage your membership from your account page. You will find all the information related to member to edit the card information and manage the cancellation of subscription.

Newsportal - account settings

Custom Post and Page Template

Newsportal comes with various custom templates for posts and pages. You will find 4 post templates and 5 page templates. Looks at the page and post templates:

Custom Authors Page

This page will show all the authors of your publications. Authors page

Newsportal - custom post page template

Custom Tags Page

This page will show all the tags of your publications. Tags Page

Newsportal - custom tags page

Custom Contact Page

If anyone wants to contact you, he can easily use the contact page. See contact page

Newsportal - custom contact page

Posts Template

Posts template is the custom template that is used to show the posts in a different design. You can easily choose the custom post template from post settings.

Custom Post Full Width Template

Post full width

Newsportal - post template

Custom Post Left Sidebar Template

Post left sidebar


Custom Post Right Sidebar Template

Post right sidebar

Newsportal - custom post with right sidebar

Custom Post Table of Contents Template

Table of contents

Newsportal - table of content

Tag Page

Newsportal - tag page

Author Page

Newsportal - author page

Find Your Article Faster

Newsportal shows real-time search results when you type your keyword. It generates post title and excerpt from Content API when start typing. 

Newsportal - search api


Deploy with GitHub

The theme has an integration of github deployment feature with github action. You can read more: Deploy your Ghost Theme from GitHub 

Newsportal - deploy github

General Features

  • Responsive layouts
  • W3 validated code
  • Minified CSS
  • Disqus and Cove comment
  • Lazy image loading
  • SEO friendly
  • Responsive tables
  • Related posts
  • Syntax highlighting

Additional Features

News and Magazine Blog Theme

Newsportal supports multiple category posts in single homepage. It shows all the articles in separated tags.

Custom template integrations

Newsportal supports custom templates for posts and pages. It has 3 custom post template and 7 page template.

Disqus and Cove comment features

We have integrated 2 type of comment features i.e. Disqus and Cove. You can choose one of them which you prefer

Post Table of Contents

The theme supports table of contents in the posts where heading 2 and heading 3 are shown as a list. You can find easily your content.

Translation Ready

The theme is ready for translation. You can translate all the texts for your language from only one JSON file

Developer Friendly Code

We built the theme using latest tools and versions. We used SCSS for styles and comments for the code so one can easily find the spacific files

Easy to Deploy on Github

We deployed our theme using our github deployment action to build automatically on server. You will find .github/workflows/deploy-theme.yml file in theme folder

Online Documentation

We have written an online documentation where we explained all the process of setup, installation, customization. You can find easily how to make a beautiful website using our theme file

Regular Updates and Support

When Ghost provides new features or improvements need, we always updates our theme file. You will get regular updates notification that you have already puchased. Whenever you have any questions or get issues, we are ready to provide support:

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